Environmental Policy

ilateral are proud to be an environmentally responsible company. Sustainability is at the heart of our company and we therefore treat our environmental policy as our company policy.
ilateral are fully committed to reducing the impact our company has on the environment. This includes identifying the aspects of our business relative to this process, measurement and monitoring, providing solutions to reduce negative impacts, the prevention of pollution and a commitment to continually improve our environmental performance. We promote our environmental ethos and policies internally to our staff and externally to our clients, suppliers and partners.

Actions taken to promote for environmental responsibility:

  • Monitor our energy usage and waste output.
  • Actively reduce our waste through non-printing, recycling and re-use as much as possible.
  • Embrace new and more efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption by providing better performance per watt or automated ‘power down when not in use’ policies.
  • Purchase products and services from third party suppliers that share similar environmental positioning goals as our own.
  • Ensure that all our activities and services comply with all relevant environmental legislations.
  • Make our environmental policies known and obtainable, available to the public in printed and digital editions.

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis and will provide a framework for assessing and improving all environmental objectives and targets.