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infobuzz home

7 months ago

Infobuzz is a charity based in Gloucester who support the most vulnerable groups and individuals. Under the project headings of Infobuzz Direct (schools and the arts), Castle Gate (Criminal Justice) and Head Space (therapeutic and training) they provide effective support and interventions to professionals and clients alike. Read the full post

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7 months ago

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Customer support and service are important to us and we always endeavour to do the best we can for our clients, whether it is being on hand out of hours, or doing that little bit extra or just giving advice.  We do it because we like to help. Read the full post

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10005 org

10 months ago

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It seems like anyone using Chrome might be unwittingly having their conversations recorded by Google. According to an article over on the "Private Online News" blog a mysterious piece of code has been found in Chrome (or at least Chromium, that Chrome is built on) that appears to be responsible for monitoring audio being received by the device's microphone. Read the full post

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11 months ago

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Capture this Moment is the name of Kathryn Goddard's photography business in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.  Kathryn produces great work for weddings, families and corporate clients and working with her on this project has been very enjoyable. Read the full post

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12 months ago

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Sarah Jones of the Chocolate Strawberry in the Forest of Dean makes amazing cakes for all occasions and runs workshops on baking and cake decoration (particularly the delicate skill of painting).  A simple design was needed that would showcase her designs as well as direct customers to her tutorials and recipes.  She also needed to be able to set up and manage her courses which she runs from various venues all over the country. Read the full post

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1 year ago

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Joya are now online with their own store full of unique and unusual gifts.  Based in a beautiful shop in the Cotswolds, Joya specialises in housewares, bags, gifts and jewellery, including their range of lovely necklaces called Indie-Pendants. Read the full post

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Proven Mentor Home Page

1 year ago

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New site just gone up for ProvenMentor, a digital marketing tutoring practice.  They are an accredited provider of the DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and wanted a website where prospective students could find out about the course, test their current knowledge and easily book a course.  For more info, check out our work[sitetree_link,id=98] section, or take a look at the site. Read the full post

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1 year ago


It seems that we get new domains being launched on a semi regular basis these days. Where once we could only choose from a country specific domain (like, .fr, etc) or a .com or .biz, now we have the choice of, .uk, .london, .me and many more. Read the full post

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1 year ago

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For a little while if you have used Google search on your mobile phone or tablet, websites listed have been marked as "mobile friendly". This informs users that their browsing experience is optimised for their device, but until now that has not effected the site's ranking in Google search. Read the full post

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1 year ago

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Well, I never thought I would be posting about this! According to stories now all over the internet Microsoft is killing Internet Explorer off due to it's negative brand image. Read the full post