Buzzhub Application

InfoBuzz are a Gloucester based charity, that is focused on helping young people through providing individual support around drugs & emotional health issues, learning opportunities for groups focusing on the development of personal & social skills, and information & support around substance misuse.

They required a web application to be developed that could be used to deliver important information regarding substance and alcohol abuse (as well as homelessness etc), using a clean interface that was appealing for young people to use.

InfoBuzz also required a separate area of the application to allow users to login using their mobile numbers, and communicate (anonymously), so they can discuss their problems with InfoBuzz without fear of anyone finding out.

what they got

Working alongsite RAW Associates, we were able to produce a uniquely designed site, design that was easy to use, but appealing to young people. Included was:

  • Mobile and Tablet versions of the site.
  • A site that automatically detects the users device (tablet, mobile or desktop) and renders the ideal interface for that user.
  • A uniquely laid out homepage, that looks unique and stylish, but stil remains usable.
  • A full featured CMS (the site was built upon the Silverstripe CMS), that allows 'pages' to be edited, created and deleted easily by the client.
  • A secured and encrypted messaging interface, that informs services users of replies via text messages.
  • A simple but powerful back end messaging interface, allowing the client to designate moderators and repliers and assign messages to individual repliers, so they can respond directly with the service users. 


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