Ada Lovelace Day

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Since 2009 every year on the second Tuesday in October, all over the world, it is celebrated as Ada Lovelace Day as a recognition of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.  Traditionally more male dominated industries, things are now changing and October is the time to celebrate it.  There are international conferences and events and a big live science event which this year is held at the IET in London on the 8th October.  For more info on everything that's going on, and to view previous lectures check out

Ada Lovelace, the only legitimate child of Lord Byron, is known sometimes known as the 'mother of computing' for her work with Charles Babbage on the Analytical Engine.  She was a great mathematician and said to have published the first algorithm to be used by a machine.  It was even harder in her age to achieve recognition for academic achievements as a woman, so she is heralded as an inspiration for all women scientists.  To find out more on Ada, take a look at her bio page.


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