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5 search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for your website

With the movement of more and more businesses online in 2020, search engine optimisation (or SEO) is a topic that has gained a greater awareness for a lot of business owners and website managers, compared to previous years. As shops and other businesses are forced to close and re-open due to current events, more potential customers are moving online, and...

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What is your new website designed for anyway?

If we get approached by a customer who wants a new website design (or even a rebuild of their existing website) the first question we ask is "what is the purpose of your site". Hopefully this isn't too cryptic, but by that we really mean "what is this website meant to do" and "who will be using your new website"?

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Google will now penalise websites that are not mobile friendly

For a little while if you have used Google search on your mobile phone or tablet, websites listed have been marked as "mobile friendly". This informs users that their browsing experience is optimised for their device, but until now that has not effected the site's ranking in Google search.

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