Google will now penalise websites that are not mobile friendly

For a little while if you have used Google search on your mobile phone or tablet, websites listed have been marked as "mobile friendly". This informs users that their browsing experience is optimised for their device, but until now that has not effected the site's ranking in Google search.

This is shortly going to change as Google announced last week that it will penalise websites that are not mobile friendly and this will start to happen on the 21st of April.

It seems a little unclear if this penalty will be just while searching on mobile devices or all Google searches and the search engine provider is (as usual) tight lipped about what "penalise" actually means and how large a factor it will be when compared to the other 200 odd checks they perform on websites. But as we have seen mobile traffic increase for most of our clients in the last year (to over 50% of their site visits in some cases) it is safe to assume that this announcement should not be taken lightly.

At ilateral all projects we have worked on in the past year and a half have been mobile friendly (and pass all of Googles web friendly checks). Some of our older clients do not have sites Google considers to be mobile friendly and we will be contacting them this week to discuss the matter.

If your website is not mobile friendly then we are more than happy to help you upgrade and support mobile customers, either call us on 01594 860 082 or email us [email protected]

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