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Setting up a new CentOS VPS (with nginx, php and mysql)

We quite regularly setup new VPS instances for our clients and there is always a long check list of stuff that has to be done. All these items can very often be a pain to remember but thankfully Digital Ocean have two REALLY helpful tutorials on their blog that make the process a lot less of a hassle.

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Disabling the "Icons" folder on an Ubuntu web server

Recently one of the websites I built had to go through a fairly thorough sercurity audit. Thankfully it was generally good results all round with no "THIS IS A SERIOUS ERROR" reports (which is always good).

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Facebook's HipHop web server

I have been doing some reading up on Facebook's announcement that it has been developing a new web server, specifically for PHP apps. Apparently it will convert PHP code into C++ for more efficient running.

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