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Integrating a Windows VM on VirtualBox with the host system

VirtualBox is brilliant (and Open Source) Virtualization software, produced by Sun. I use VirtualBox regularly to test out systems, different operating systems or web sites and applications in different browsers and environments. Whenever I use it however I always seem to forget this one step, so it is worth noting it down.

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Getting an image from a sub level pages top level parent.

Quite a simple one this time, but something I feel is worth posting up. On a recent project, I needed to add the ability for the site editors to be able attach an image to any page on the site that sits at the root level of the Site Tree. Any children (grandchildren, etc) of these pages however had to...

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Silverstripe DataObjectSet and Templates

For some reason, I always forget how to generate a custom DataObjectSet in a Silverstripe method, that I can then return to my template to correctly render in a control loop. Because of this, I am going to write an example tutorial, using my Twitter RSS feed and SimpleXML (which should be part of the PHP5 core for most installs)...

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