Does your business .sucks?

It seems that we get new domains being launched on a semi regular basis these days. Where once we could only choose from a country specific domain (like, .fr, etc) or a .com or .biz, now we have the choice of, .uk, .london, .me and many more.

Apparently that is not enough and now a new set of domains are being released to increase our choices. The problem is these new domains could be considered less than positive!

Yes, now we can buy a .sucks domain and anyone is free to buy them (they will not be reserved in the same way .uk domains are).

This is clearly designed to encourage companies to focus on their customer service, otherwise you could end up with a .sucks website setup in your company's name that will be competing with your own brand!

Of course a very fun idea would be to buy the .sucks domain for your business and use it as your customer support portal, but only companies with a light hearted approach to their brand could probably pull this off.

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