How Video helps product sales

Recent studies on consumer behaviour for ecommerce  have shown a marked increase in sales when video is used to on a product page as well as images.  Figures show that the most gains are for videos that are under 30 seconds in length, although there are still gains on anything from 60 to 180 seconds.   

One of the most comprehensive recent reports, produced by, shows some sites were reporting an 88% increase in sales, as well as a 50% increase in average order value.

Interestingly, views of videos through mobile devices is also on the increase, from 19% in 2013 to 25% in 2014 with a steady increase month on month.

What does this mean for your web store?  Well, setting up a YouTube channel is relatively simple and with a good content management system you can easily add inks to videos on your product pages.

Another point to remember when using YouTube and linking it to your website is that it can help with increasing your search ranking as Google rates YouTube quite highly in their search algorithms, possibly because they own it…….

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