Is Google listening in on us?

It seems like anyone using Chrome might be unwittingly having their conversations recorded by Google. According to an article over on the "Private Online News" blog a mysterious piece of code has been found in Chrome (or at least Chromium, that Chrome is built on) that appears to be responsible for monitoring audio being received by the device's microphone.

I am sure a lot of you out there are using laptops (or other devices with built in microphones) on regularly and if so, I am sure most of you (as I tend to) just leave the microphone on (or just don't mess with the default settings).

As the article states, no one really knows what Google is doing with the microphone on your device, but they have the capability to not only record your day to day activity but also broadcast that information back to Google, and what is worse is that Google is not even denying that they are doing this.

Perhaps in the future it might be worth disabling your microphones if you are not using them, or possibly even switching to Firefox or Opera? I think I at least will probably be doing the former at least!

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