Antique Silver Spoons Online Store Live

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This week Antique Silver Spoons went live - it's been an interesting process as this project was to rebuild an existing well established-store.  However, it was originally built in Magento using a templated theme and this theme was no longer supported, which meant that there was a limit on updated Magento.  Consequently, the Magento install was stuck in an old version which couldn't be upgraded and this started to cause issues with payment gateway integration and security.

One of the major flaws in Magento (and Wordpress/WooCommerce) is that they allow, through plug-ins, HTML to be injected from the front end of the site.  This means that malicious code can be directly inserted into the site to either break it or steal data.  This can be a serious security issue.

ilateral rebuilt the site in Silverstripe.  It looks similar to the old Magento site, with several important exceptions:

  1. it is was more secure
  2. it is now mobile friendly
  3. it works with the required payment gateways (Realex and Paypal)
  4. the admin area is easy to manage
  5. it is a bespoke design so the client is able to make changes and improve the site

As the old site was quite well established, ilateral also created several redirects so that anyone with old versions of the urls would be redirected to the new site and so there would be minimal loss of any ranking.  It is important to bear this in mind when launching a new version of your site - it can be quite damaging to a sites ranking on search engines if this is not done.

So if you have an old ecommerce site that is getting harder to manage, why not give us a call to see how we can help.


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