Moblin OS

During my wanderings on the internet the other day, I came across a pretty slick little Linux operating system that, according to their site, has been built from the ground up 'to work on Intel Atom powered devices.

Whats more, it comes with an SDK and App Store like system called the 'Garage' that apparently allows easier development and deployment of applications, much like you would find on an iPhone or Android Phone.

I must admit I was intreaged by the concept, and the screenshots and videos only increased my interest, so that evening I downloaded the latest build and installed it on my netbook.

Granted, the first install went a bit wrong, and I couldn't use my trackpad. I tried again however and now have a fuly operational Moblin OS running on my Acer Aspire One. Which, I am happy to report, is really slick. The system boots in about 5 seconds, thats into a usable state too, ready to surf the web. That is way faster than the default Linux OS on the Aspire One, Ubuntu Netbook (which was on it untill now) and probably a million times faster than any netbook with Windws XP (*shudder*).

All in all, I would say, if you have a netbook and want a fast, slick OS that will let you browse the web and integrate with your social networks (currently only Twitter, LastFM and IM, but hopefully more to come), Moblin is a pretty good piece of software to try.

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