New Bout of PC based Phone Scams

Just fielded an interesting call from a call centre claiming to be "Talk Talk". Apparently there was an "error" with our internet connection and the person on the end of the line wanted me to run some commands on my computer to demonstrate what they were.

Thankfully I do know a little bit about profiling network traffic and monitoring system processes, so I very quickly worked out something odd was going on.

I used the opportunity to probe the caller in more detail about the "errors" they encountered and they couldn't get any more out of them.

To cut a long story short, it wasn't Talk Talk, it looks like it was a scam. It seems it was a re-hash of this old phishing attack:

Just goes to show, phishing isn't just via email or SMS, they will try and get your details via whatever means they can. Make sure you are aware of attacks like this, if someone phones you and asks you to do something with your computer, or asks for personal data, it is probably a scam.

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