Sapphire MVC Framework 3.0

Just thought I would have a quick play around with the pre-release of of Silverstripe 3.0. Most of all I was interested to see how the de-coupeling of the administration interface and CMS from the Sapphire framework was going.

I have to admit, I am very impressed! I checked out Sapphire 3.0-pr1 and quickly setup a basic site. Following this structure:

-- mysite
---- code
------ controlers
-------- controler classes go here
------ models
-------- model classes go here
------ _config.php
-- sapphire
-- themes
---- theme stuff goes here

Adding in you data models and running /dev/build/ still gives you all the yummy enviroment builder that makes Silverstripe so awesome.

The only thing you have to remember is that you will have to manually map your URL's to a controller in your _config.php, using something like:

Director::addRules(50,array( 'urlsegment' => 'ControllerName' ));

Once you do that, you should be away adding controllers and models and using Sapphire in just the same way as you would use any other MVC framework!

You can get the 3.0 pre release of sapphire from github:

Have fun!

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