Silverstripe - Best Technology Solution for the Public Sector


It is nice to see Silverstripe, the platform we use for all our development, getting rewarded for it's excellent work.  A global company, based in Wellington, New Zealand, Silverstripe recently won the 2016 NZ Technology award for 'Best Technology Solution for the Public Sector'.  Silverstripe is an extremely versatile,  stable platform which can be used for any project.  We use it for websites, ecommerce stores and web apps.  

Silverstripe doesn't have a massive marketing department, being supported by a large developers community. It is interesting when some prospective clients query why we do not use one of the more well known platforms.  Some may be higher profile, but that does not necessarily make them superior platforms. We could not build the variety of things we do on them.

So Silverstripe, you may not have heard of it, but you should look out for it.

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