You total GIT!

With the announcement that SIlverstripe are moving their core code base from SVN to GIT, I felt it was time for me to stop putting it off and bow to public pressure! So I dutifully installed the latest version and then had no idea what to do!

A little while (and a lot of reading) later, I think I am getting it. It is a pretty ailien thing if you are used to SVN though. One thing I have noticed though is the speed. Checking out an entire project took seconds, compared to maybe 5 mins for a full Silverstripe project, and that included a full local version history, which you don't get in SVN!

I am still having some problems with concept of regular branching, and haven't even looked into submitting patches! Every source I have seen has implied it is a lot easier, but I remain scheptical!

Anyway, there are some great resources on the web, for anyone who is interested. these include:


Talk from Linus Torvalds at Google about GIT vs CVS/SVN:

Really interesting and quite funny. Good place to start!


The Pro Git Book, available online at:


A really detailed and helpful guide to using GIT with SVN at

A great resource for those of us used to SVN


Hope those are of some assistance, they have helped me a lot. Now I just need to get piston working so I can properly manage those externals!

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