Harts Barn Cookery school

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This was a lovely project to work on.  The old site had become difficult to manage, having to have multiple plug-ins to create the functionality for events and vouchers and management of bookings, so we have managed to build a whole new site with a clean and easy to use admin area, as well as re-structure the classes and vouchers so it is super simple for customers to see what they want and buy it.

We are also able to build several custom elements that created some automation for the client too - the home page classes automatically show the upcoming events and once a date has passed, it disappears from the site too.  They also can add special featured classes to the home page to highlight new events.  There is custom functionality for the vouchers to create a one use only code which could be redeemed against any class and logged in the system, removing a lot of unnecessary duplication and admin work as it all happens automatically.  

We also added lots of redirects from the old site to ensure minimal loss of rankings - a relatively simple thing but it is surprising how many replacement sites go live without doing this!

Using the new branding that the customer had done, the finished site is smart and works really well - the customers are already commenting on how easy it is to book now.


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