Transport Analysis

Tachograph analysis company, Transanalysis, required a bespoke website to advertise their products and services. The site needed to be responsive (scaling on both mobile and tablet) and styled to match their branding.

We first produced an interactive prototype site for the client to review and ensure they were happy with the appearance. The client was very happy with the prototype and we were able to progress with the full build of the site. Once the build was complete we submitted a beta version of the site to the client for approval, this gave them the ability to see (and interact with) all the site's functionality before it went live. After some minor amends to the appearance the client was very happy with the site and it was able to go live.

what transanalysis got with their bespoke website:

  • A dynamic home page, automatically summarising products, services and latest news.
  • Contact form.
  • Blog.
  • A full featured CMS (the site was built upon the Silverstripe CMS), that allows 'pages' to be edited, created and deleted easily by the client.
  • A responsive design that works on mobiles and tablets.

Visit the Transanalysis Website

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